Lectures and articles by Wole Soyinka

"2007 Elections and the Gang of Four"
"A Year of Rapid Reverses"
"Changing Attitudes and Behaviors: The Role of Africa's Cultural..." (audio)
"Conference by Wole Soyinka"
"The Isle of Polyphemus"
"Towards a Sustainable Vision of Nigeria"
UNESCO: "Dialogue among civilizations"
"WS on Receiving the Fonlon-Nichols Award (2000)"
"The Rights and Obligations of Union Membership"

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onyeka nwelue pisze...

I find this site interesting. Go check mine.

Ratopado Ras Tafari Makonen pisze...


Well, I saw the message you leaved in my blog, so after seeing it I just wanted to see your blog, cause I love african literature. Nevertheless, I've not read a lot of it because here in my country it's nearly impossible to find african literatura.

So, now I will start reading all the information that appears on this site.

I wanted to ask if maybe you could help me finding more texts about african literature and poetry. I'm also searching books about african history.

Well, thanks for making the advice of your site and good luck!

Ratopado Ras Tafari Makonen pisze...

Well, I'm really mad because I wrote a whole message and when I touched the botton to send the message, well, I don't know what happened but I lost all what I had written!!!!

So, I make a brief summary of what I wrote some minutes ago.

I wanted to tell you that I love african poetry and literature. The problem is that I have not read a lot because here in my country it's very difficult to find african literature, poetry or history books.
So, now I will read everything that appears here because I really found interesenting Wole Soyinka's life and legacy.

I wanted to ask if you can help me because I need to find some information about african literature and, also, about african history books.

Well, thanks for making the advice of this site.

Good luck and greetings to Poland!!!

ben pisze...

Soyinka's awesome. Just read a recent piece by him on African art and its politics loved it!http://www.newstatesman.com/200711010032