Articles about Wole Soyinka

"State of the Bully" (10.1996)
"Truth and Reconciliation" (01.1999)
"Fellow of the world" (08.2002)
"Nobel Winner on Survival" (11.2004)
"The voice of conscience" (05.2007)
"Serious case of activism" (06.2007)"Maja-Pearce on Kongi" (07.2007)
"The Literery Lion" (07.2007)
"Soyinka accuses West of destroying other nations" (07.2007)
"Nigerian Nobel laureate draws crowds at Berlin lit fest" (09.2007)
"Watching Wole's return to Biafra" (10.2007)
"Nigeria: Appraisal of Democracy - Soyinka Decries Reign of Impunity" (12.2007)
"Nigeria: Soyinka, Gani Condemn Ribadu's Ouster" (12.2007)
"Nigeria: How Obasanjo Misled UNESCO over Presidential Library - Soyinka" (03.2008)
"Nigeria: Soyinka to Drag Obasanjo to Court Over Library" (08.2008)
"Bury me in Abeokuta, says Soyinka" (08.2008)
"Soyinka traces origin of Boko Haram" (09.2009)
"Nobel winner Soyinka charms, chased for autographs" (01.2010)

"Soyinka: Engaging the African World" (01.2010)
"I was shocked to win Nobel, says Wole Soyinka" (o2.2010)
"Wole Soyinka, Nigerian Media and the Edo Rally" (06.2010)

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Wordsbody pisze...

Hi Raphael, pls see the link above for Gordimer's tribute to WS, on the 20th anniversary of his Nobel.

Wordsbody pisze...

How about this excerpt (online) from 'You Must Set Forth At Dawn', Raphael? Please follow the link:

You may also wish to note, that there is another excerpt from the book - in the current issue of Farafina Magazine.